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Sheepdog Firearms Training Facility was founded by two veteran law enforcement professionals and an experienced business manager, for purpose of providing a safe, state of the art, indoor firing range and firearms sales showroom. The Sheepdog Firearms management team has over 8 years of business management experience and a combined 50 years of law enforcement, 46 of which are SWAT and an additional 23 years military experience. Sheepdog appeals to civilian, law enforcement and military personnel alike.

Sheepdog Firearms will provide competent firearms instruction using modern techniques for novice shooters as well as provide a cutting edge tactical training range for law enforcement and SWAT. All firearms instructors are veteran officers with years of both SWAT operational and instructor experience.

The Sheepdog Firearms location is second to none! We are located North of Birmingham, 1 1/4 mile off of Interstate 59 on Deerfoot Parkway in the thriving city of Trussville, Alabama. Deerfoot Parkway is a major thoroughfare and the primary route for traffic connecting the City of Clay and the Chalkville community to both Trussville and Interstate 59.

Sheepdog Firearms sells modern handguns, shotguns and rifles as well as ammunition and accessories for the weapons. Sheepdog Firearms also provides state of the art instruction in firearms training and marksmanship by veteran, certified firearms instructors. We sell more than quality weapons and ammunition. We also sell peace of mind and confidence which comes with improvements in our customer’s marksmanship, safety and competence with firearms.

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