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Employment Opportunities

Retail Clerk


Job Description: The sales clerk works under the supervision of a manager.  The nature of the job requires basic mathematical skill and computer operation. It also requires customer service skills.  The individual aspiring to this position should be sociable with the ability to interact with clients effortlessly.  Duties may include cleaning the store and maintaining an organized and clean work environment.


Major duties, tasks and responsibilities:

  • Greet customers courteously
  • Maintain and manage records of merchandise inventories
  • Maintain, manage, and organize merchandise in the store
  • Execute clerical functions
  • Ensure excellent retail experiences to customers
  • Receive money for purchases and calculate change as necessary
  • Prepare, total, and verify billings and collect correct payments from customers
  • Reconcile and verify customer’s bills with the merchandise they purchased
  • Assist customers find the item they desire to purchase
  • Assist and support the retail manager in the smooth running of the store
  • Clean the store and arrange stock as necessary
  • Supervise retail clerical functions in the store
  • Report difficulties to the manager as they arise


Required skills, abilities, and knowledge for position:

  • Ability to socialize and interact with customers
  • Ability to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Ability to overcome rejection while achieving sales goals
  • Ability to initiate new contacts and convert into buyers
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to employ persuasive skills to get customers to be interested in products
  • Ability to initiate change to improve sales
  • Good communications skills to relate with customers, fellow workers, and management effectively
  • Ability to be friendly and understand customers
  • Ability to effectively handle merchandise activities
  • Ability to cope with stress created by some customers
  • Strong marketing skills
  • Ability to multi task and manage stress
  • Must be self motivated and demonstrate a high level of enthusiasm for the job
  • Must be honest and demonstrate integrity
  • Ability to handle inventory control procedures and product stocking
  • Retail experience with similar responsibilities preferred
  • Ability to work and operate under stressful conditions
  • Ability to organize in store displays
  • Excellent people skills to convince customers to buy products
  • Ability to lift heavy items and place on overhead shelves, ie. firearms and ammunition
  • Ability to traverse stairs

Download the application and bring the completed application to the Range trailer.