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These are questions we have been asked most frequently. We hope that these answers clear up some of the questions you have about the operation of our range.

  • Will I be required to purchase your targets?

    No, you may bring and utilize your own targets if you wish, as long as they conform to our guidelines, not destructive, explosive or images which would be offensive to the public etc.
    We will have targets for you to purchase as well should you need more.

  • Will I be able to keep my expended brass?

    Yes, all of your brass which falls within the safety confines of your shooting space is yours to keep if you want it. Any expended brass landing out of the safety confines of your shooting space must remain due to safety reasons.

  • Will I be required to purchase your ammunition?

    No, you are free to bring and use your own ammunition as long as it falls within our guidelines, no armor piercing rounds, etc. We will of course have ammunition for you to purchase, if you want additional rounds.

  • Will the range be for members only?

    No, we encourage membership, but we will welcome non members as well. The daily rate for a non member to shoot will vary based on the time of day/ night and the day of the week but will range from $15 to $20.

  • When will charter memberships begin?

    The year long charter memberships will begin the day we open for business and run 1 full calendar year.