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Sheepdog Firearms is excited to be able to provide training for Church Security and Crisis Teams. Sheepdog Firearms will be hosting training courses for Church Security and Crisis Teams starting with a basic handgun safety and shooting skills course. The course is one of four other courses which will cover reload drills, concealment carry, weapon malfunction drills, shooting on the move drills, first aid and force on force drills in a response to an active shooter. You can look on our web site or call 205.864.1700 for the dates and times so your team can come as a group and train together. Sheepdog Firearms can  assist any church or organization with the development of an Emergency Action Plan and site assessments which is done as a ministry through our business which is free of charge. All of our instructors are current and retired law enforcement, current and retired fire fighters and medics. Training can be organized at your location for some of the courses and site assessments.

(All team members will be verified by the church)

$25 Per Team Member/Per Course

Practical Tactics - Course One

Basic Handgun Fundamentals

  • Grip
  • Sight Alignment
  • Trigger Pull
  • Breathing
  • Stance

Basic Loading Procedure

  • Pistol
  • Revolver

Drawing From Holster - Outside the Wasteband

Basic Weapon Malfunction Training

Khaki - Course Two

Handgun Fundamentals

Drawing From Holster

  • Outside Wasteband
  • From Concealment

Multi Shooting Positions

  • Standing
  • Kneeling
  • Prone

Multi Round Targets

Multi Target Training

Barricade Shooting and Movement

White Knuckle Training - Course Three

Handgun Fundamentals

Multi Target Training

  • Single
  • Pair Shooting

Multi Target and Movement Training

  • Single
  • Pair Shooting

Multi Barricade Shooting and Movement

  • Single
  • Pair Shooting

Force on Force Training - Course Four

Single and Multi Targets


Please Call 205.864.1700 or for more information and to schedule a time.