Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

5900 Deerfoot Parkway•  Trussville, AL 35173 • 205.864.1700

Just off the banks of the Cahaba. It is 1 mile West off Interstate 59 on the left.



Q:  What calibers and ammunition may I shoot?

  • You may shoot all rifle calibers up to a .308.
  • You may shoot ALL pistol calibers.
  • There are restrictions on the size of shotgun loads (Buckshot and Slugs Only) but they must be lead.
  • You may shoot .177 or .22 lead pellets (no steel BBs)
  • No Muzzle Loader firearms.
  • All ammunition must be lead core.
  • No steel-core or steel-shot, No tracers, No armor-piercing, No Black Powder.
  • Steel Cased ammunition is allowed, but it must be checked by the RSO or Range Desk.

Q:  May I use my 30 round (high capacity) Magazine?

  • Yes.

Q:  May I double tap or rapid fire?

  • Yes, the RSO however has the discretion to restrict your rate of fire if she/he thinks there are unsafe conditions or you are not staying on target.
  • You may shoot full automatics as long as you are safe and maintain control.

Q:  Do you allow full automatics on your range?

  • Full automatics are allowed on the range. We expect all users to follow the safety rules and maintain control.

Q:  Do you have a Gunsmith at the Sheepdog?

  • Yes, we do. We can refer you to our contracted gunsmith.

Q: Do you take firearm trade-ins?

  • We are currently taking trade-in firearms or directly buying firearms.


Q:  What are the age restrictions?

  • Minimum shooting age in the range is 12 years.
  • Shooters 12-17 years of age must be accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian.
  • Minors may shoot with and be accompanied by the Parent or Legal Guardian. 
  • Minors may “carry” cased firearms through Sheepdog.

Q:  May my 19 year old bring their own pistol?

  • Yes, 18 – 21 year olds may bring their own pistol(s) and ammunition. Federal Law prohibits Sheepdog from renting or selling handguns or handgun ammunition to anyone under the age of 21.

Q:  What are the age limits for rentals?

  • You must be at least 21 years old to rent handguns.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to rent rifles or shotguns.


ALL lanes are restricted to a maximum of 3 shooters.

Q:  May non-members make reservations?

  • Yes, we encourage everyone to make reservations. Walk-ins are welcome, but availability will depend upon the schedule for that day.
  • Non-Members may schedule ONLY on the day they want to shoot.
  • Non-Members may schedule 1 lane for 1 hour — up to 3 shooters.

Q: Can I host group events at the range?

  • If you would like to make a reservation for a special event such as a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, or any other special event, please call John at 205.864.1700.

Q:  If I walk in, how long is the wait for a lane?

  • Walk-ins are welcome. The wait time will vary depending upon the schedule of the day.


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Q: Are there Restrictions on Foreign Nationals? A: Yes, please see the summary below.  For detailed information, click here: Foreign Nationals FOREIGN NATIONALS: Persons from the following countries mayshoot at Sheepdog Firearms: Andorra, Australia, Austria Bermuda, Belgium, Brunei Canada, Chile, Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland, France Germany, Greece Hungary Iceland, Ireland, Italy Japan Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg Mexico, Malta, Monaco Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway Portugal San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland Taiwan United Kingdom

If your country is NOT on this list above, you must qualify under the following rules:

  1. Possess a hunting license or permit
  2. Admitted for lawful hunting or sporting purposes
  3. An official representative of a foreign government
  4. An official of a foreign government or are designated as a distinguished foreign visitor
  5. A foreign law enforcement officer
  6. Have a waiver issued by the US Attorney General

Q:  I have a concealed carry permit. May I carry a concealed firearm in the Sheepdog?

  • Yes, we require that ALL firearms be holstered inside the building.
  • We require that ALL other firearms be unloaded and cased until the shooter is in the shooting booth.
  • No one may handle an uncased or unholstered firearm behind the firing line.

Q:  What safety precautions are taken at Sheepdog Firearms?

  • At least one Range Safety Officer is in the range at all times.
  • Everyone is required to watch a safety video before entering the range for the first time.
  • All shooters are expected to follow the Range Safety Rules.
  • Minors may “carry” cased firearms through the Club.
  • Safety is extremely important. If the RSO sees any unsafe behavior, they will warn and educate the shooter.

Q:  I have never shot a handgun before, can you help me?

Q:  I have a felony on my record. May I shoot at your club?

  • No, Sheepdog Firearms complies with State and Federal Laws. Every shooter must attest to the following: I am legally allowed to possess a firearm in the United States. I am not currently the subject of a criminal or civil restraining order. I have never been convicted of a felony as an adult or juvenile. I am not a fugitive from justice. I am not an unlawful user of, or addicted to any controlled substance. I have never been adjudicated in a court of law, as incompetent to manage my own affairs. I have never been discharged from the United States armed forces under dishonorable conditions. I am a citizen of or legally in the United States.

  Q:  I have a medical marijuana card. May I shoot at your club?

  • Your safety and the safety of everyone is the primary factor in this issue. Marijuana is no different than any other substance which may impair your ability to be safe. If you appear to be impaired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including ANY prescription medication, you will not be allowed to enter the range.

Q:  Do you rent eye and hearing protection?

  • We have complimentary eye and hearing protection. We recommend that you provide your own eye and hearing protection.

Q:  Do you allow shooters to collect their brass?

  • Yes, you are welcome to collect your brass. Please let the RSO know at the beginning of your session that you would like to collect your brass, so that the RSO will not sweep it away.

Q:  Can I draw from a holster in the range?

  • Yes, but you must be holster qualified. Please let the RSO know if you would like to become qualified.