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USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamental Level 1

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals (DSF) / $150 - 8 Hour Course

Plus $30 to USCCA for student Kit ( online learning student and student manual )

The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Defensive Shooting Fundamentals (DSF) Level 1 was designed for training your mind & body how to react. It’s imperative that you train in as an efficient, realistic and practical a manner as possible so that you are prepared for a Dynamic Critical Incident. You can’t waste time or resources on anything that isn’t a specialized area of study. Build the foundation you need to understand intuitive defensive shooting and deadly force decision making. Unlock the lifesaving mindset of the warrior expert theory that will help you guess your attackers next move with ease. Discover how you can develop the ability to apply your shooting skills on demand, without anticipation, while trying to save your own life or the lives of others. Uncover the hands-on live-fire drills you must know to prepare and prevail even under the most dangerous of circumstances. You will be run through the Home-Defense Simulation Drill and if time permits the Take A Lap Drill and Tactical Stroll Drill.

The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)Defensive Shooting Fundamentals (DSF) Level 2 was designed to build off the skills that were developed in the Level 1 Course. We will introduce you to the Emergency Reload, even more life-saving hands-on live-fire drills with more cognitive thinking that make you pause and think before engaging the target. All of this can only help you prepare and prevail even under the deadliest situations. You will be able to take this training and turn it into practice so you can enhance your response time by building your intuitive defensive shooting skills into your motor cortex (muscle memory), in order to help you survive a Dynamic Critical Incident. You will be run through the CCW Simulation Drill and if time permits the Wind Sprint Drill.

Course Topics Include:

§ On-range training in crucial handgun skills

§ Warrior expert theory

§ Counter ambush training

§ Balance of speed and precision

§ Stance and movement

§ Grip and trigger control

§ Presentation from ready and holster

§ Shooting from retention and emergency reloading

§ Diagnosing your misses

§ Defensive shooting drills and simulations

NOTE: This course is for new shooters and experienced shooters alike. However, the more comfortable you are with your weapon, the more you will get out of the course.

Classroom Time: None
Range Time: 8 hours
1) Semi-auto pistol (no revolvers)
2) Valid pistol license
3) Completion of Level 1 prior to Level 2
4) Completion of the online eLearning course prior to live-fire training and you must bring the completion certificate with you to the course. (Contact USCCA Instructor Support or 1-877-577-4800 to purchase the student packet.)

Investment: $150 plus $30 (total retail value of $180) to the USCCA for the eLearning, DSF book, and certificate.

Instructor: Darryl Glass - Any Questions or problems email…

NOTE: Course size is limited to first 8 students and registration closes 10 days before date of the course. Signups after the 10-day window will incur an additional $15 paid to the USCCA. Don’t delay, signup today!


§ Reliable EDC (every day carry) concealable handgun (9mm recommended)

§ Quality on body, strong side, concealable holster (NONE OF THESE TYPE HOLSTERS: Serpa, ankle, bra, purse, cross draw, pocket, or shoulder)

§ Three to four magazines

§ Magazine pouch or pockets to store mags

§ At least 400 rounds of target ammunition

§ Hearing protection

§ Eye protection

§ Pen and paper for taking notes

To register, click the link below.

Earlier Event: January 14
Basic Handgun Class
Later Event: January 15