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$85.00 Gets you in the 2 hour class. Plus lane rental and gun rental. You do have to purchase the ammo for the rental gun.

If you reality company would like to come as a group call us for special rates. 205.864.1700

Every year, agents around the country are threatened, robbed, or physically or sexually assaulted while fulfilling the everyday requirements of their jobs. Some even lose their lives. By learning from these unfortunate and sometimes tragic incidents, we real estate agents can make adjustments to the way we do business and avoid violent crimes.

We’ve have a few examples from across the country

1. An Oregon real estate agent working late in the model home of a subdivision was tied up and robbed of her ATM card. Deputies say the real estate agent told them the armed robber accosted her as she was leaving, tied her hands behind her back, took the card from her purse, got the personal-identification number from her and then duct-taped her mouth.

2. A Winnipeg real estate agent says she was randomly attacked by a man who tricked her into believing he wanted to purchase some property as part of an elaborate ruse to get her alone. The man, who claimed he wanted to purchase a new home, said he found her name through the Real Estate News, then later said he’d visited her office, saw her picture and thought she was “really good-looking.”

3. The body of a California male real estate agent was discovered in the living room of a foreclosed home, when another real estate agent arrived to show the home to a client. The agent had been missing for more than three days, after an appointment to show prospective buyers a home.

Being a real estate agent can be a fun but dangerous profession. You put yourself at risk every day (without realizing it) by doing “everyday” task that may seem harmless. As a Realtor you may be asking, “What is the best way to protect myself?” the answer, attack each day with a smart approach to safety, while always mindful.